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My name is Preston Blanchet and I am obsessed with the direct relationship between video games and movies. In the beginning when I was growing up and completing my school, video games developed independently from movies but somewhere along the way, the two began to influence each other.
About Me

Sometimes it is video games that tend to produce movies, case in point being TRON and DOOM and an even earlier adaptation being Street Fighter but mostly it happens the other way round. Movies that work well in the box office suddenly become big hits on the game screen. Take for instance Star Wars franchise and Lucas Arts venturing into the realm of gaming.

In fact, the lines are further being blurred thanks to Bollywood and the penchant of producing houses to make mobile games based on the theme or hero of the movie. Not that these games have any originality but they are an excellent way to keep the attention of fans and curious folks alike until the movie titles actually release.

I believe that there is no longer a line separating movies from video games and just as television shows are gradually siphoning off viewers from movies by continuing tangential plot lines, games too have started to do the same. They pick up where movies left or provide a backstory to a movie. Take for instance the Assassin’s Creed series. With the movie finally scheduled for a launch having Michael Fassbender in lead, it is only natural that the movie will garner a lot of viewership. But, even if he wasn’t casted, the fact that players alone would see the movie already makes it a massive success

My goal with Jeuvideal.com is to give you a wide berth into the world of video games and movies that are somehow breaking the barrier that once stood between them. One inspiring the other, continuing stories, building on alternative timelines – the possibilities today are simply endless.

Quick Thoughts & Rambles:

12th December 2016 - A bad day for me. I've only had two hours sleep, and my food processor has just packed in. I bought the Breville BFP800XL on a whim after reading a good set of reviews; and it's been awful. I wouldn't recommend it. It's just past mid-day and I can't wait to get home and go sleep....