Science versus Technology

Science versus Technology

Science versus Technology

Science and technology are like two sides of a coin. One cannot exist without the other. While Science is the branch of knowledge where we get to know about things and technology is the practical application of science. Science and Technology have the same aim, that is, to improve the standard of living of humankind. The technology uses various knowledge and breakthroughs of science to create new products which help human beings function. The words science and technology are often used as synonyms as they closely related and dependent on each other.

Science versus Technology

Science provides us answers to various questions:

Science is about acquiring knowledge and finding answers to questions. It aims to question aspects such as- Why are trees green.  Why does it snow? How are directions like North and South recognized? So on and so forth. When knowledge is used practically to meet human needs and solve problems, technology is born. Science is the process of getting to know about new things while technology uses the laws of science to create new things which benefit humankind. Science and technology are fast evolving to meet the standards of modernity.

Technologies – The end product of scientific discoveries:

Science may be defined as the systematic method of obtaining knowledge while technology may be defined as a combination of process, technique and skill which aims to complete scientific investigation. Technology is often the result or end product of scientific discoveries and inventions. Research is a common phenomenon between science and technology. Research is regularly conducted to expand scientific knowledge and to get to know new things. It is also applied to create new technology using the principles of science.

Container of knowledge:

Science is a container of knowledge which holds the answers to all questions if it is dealt with in a right manner. The knowledge is based on evidence and facts, rather than personal choices and opinions. It is of objective and not subjective. The laws and declarations of science produced by science cannot be challenged as they are well observed and tested. In science, a hypothesis is generated and proven, research and experiments are conducted, and conclusions are drawn. The sole aim of science is to find answers to questions. We often question the purpose of our existence. Where did we come from and where are we going? These are the two universal questions that science seeks to answer perfectly. But, science may not always be accurate. It has multiple theories to one subject.

Some things are around us which are generated with the help of technology. Technology is the brainchild of science. It is a practical application of science. Science is not complete without technology as technology gives purpose to science. Technology is used to extend abilities and simplify work. It also aims to provide solutions to scientific problems. There’s a constant debate regarding the fact whether technology is a boon or bane. If technology is used in the right way, it can create wonders and help human beings to any extent. But technology does have its repercussions.

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