The Importance of Science in our Daily Life

The Importance of Science in our Daily Life

The Importance of Science in our Daily Life

Can you imagine your life without science? Science has become a symbol of modernity and evolution. Human rely heavily on science and create breakthroughs frequently, to make our life easier. The food we eat, the way we commute, the clothes we wear, the way we find new ways of recreation- everything has a touch of applied science to it.  Almost everything that makes our daily life easy is a wonder of modern science. Science has given us too many gifts to be counted. We find it impossible to imagine a life without modern science because modern science is what runs our daily life.

The Importance of Science

Here are a few things which point out how important science is in our everyday life:

Mass production has been made possible because of science:

Can you imagine writing on pieces of cloth and then running out of material or ink to write?,the times have changed considerably, and we do not follow our ancestors’ ways anymore. Science has helped in the mass production of daily-use items which help get through the day without much hassle. It has evolved to satisfy our needs efficiently.

Science has overcome the barriers posed by time and distance:

Science has helped us travel from one place to another with substantial speed. Our forefathers would not have dreamt of achieving this feat during their time. With the invention of modern modes of transport, moving from one place to another is so much easier. The internet has come into our lives with a bang and created so many possibilities of instant communication. Science has given humanity a boon in the form of the World Wide Web. Eliminating the disadvantages of a telegram, the internet allows us to send emails and instant messages, which makes communication faster for human beings in this fast pacing world.

Science has the power to save human lives:

The field of medicine has benefitted quite a lot due to science. From a minor headache to cancer, scientists have come up with medicinal drugs that can cure illness and save lives. Science has reached a stage where it is increasing human life expectancy. Human heart-transplantation is a significant achievement in the field of surgery. In fact, transplantation of human organs is entirely possible now to save the lives of human beings.

Science enables protection:

Mother Nature is often unpredictable. Changing weather often poses challenges to human beings in their daily life. Electronic fans and air-conditioners provide comfort during summer days. Room heaters provide warmth and comfort during the winter season. Atmosphere moderators help in improving the temperature during the rainy season. Human beings build their homes in such a way that it sustains even the harshest weather. New construction strategies help human beings to create modern houses which are capable of protecting them from any weather or climate. Science has indeed defied Mother Nature. Whether this has a positive impact or not, is debatable.

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