About Me

Hi there, my name is Preston Blanchet and you can find me at the University Paris III Sorbonne Nouvelle, giving discourses on broadcasting and film. My expertise lies in the field of game studies and the video game industry. I am affiliated or associated with various organizations and boards but what I am proud of is my doctorate paper that I did on the synergy between video games and cinema. In fact, it was my paper that got me thinking of starting jeuvideal.com full time. I mean, what’s the use if you can’t spread your research right?

My Speeches and Presentations

July 2012 – Participated in “Learning with digital madly or not at all” at Sorbenne Nouvelle, and contributed to VacuumSealerLand.com by publishing the Foodsaver V4880 review.

February 2013 – Conducted a joint PhD seminar at the University of Montreal on a brief glimpse into the heart of industrial fiction and history of video games with cinema.

January 2013 – Collaborated with the University of Amsterdam on serial narratives and transmediality.

July 2013 – Took lead at the symposium on Zombie Invasion in games at the Montreal University. Spoke on how zombies have managed to capture the imagination of the public especially in indie games. A fun filled symposium that saw leading speakers from across the globe discussing varying topics from zombies in games to the specific concepts surrounding the undead.

August 2014 – Spoke on the influence of Indian films on mobile games in general and how it is used by moviemakers to market and promote their films even before the release of the movies itself.

March 2015 – Joined the conference on Gender and its specific role, complications in video games at the Claude Bernard University.

June 2015 – Partook in a seminar on Earthquake and game development with natural calamities at their heart.

January 2017 – Signed up to participate in a seminar with One Sure Insurance, talking about Motor Trade Insurance to the industry of car buyers and sellers. More information on One Sure here: https://www.onesureinsurance.co.uk/motor-trade-insurance