Building Wealth Over Time

Many people today want to start investing for the future in order to make a better life for themselves and their family. If this describes you, there are many ways that you can accomplish that goal. Over time, it is vital to think about the long term perspective that you need to make the right […]

A Quick Peak At Interactive Cinema Through History

Cinema and its ultimate goal even today remains to engross the public as much as it can. Interaction if possible is always welcome and there have been path breaking ideas practiced over the years, in fact some that you probably can never imagine to exist at the time. Barker (1895 to 1920) If folks from […]

Meet The Game Atelier

The game Atetier was released back in 2011 but recently I got a chance to sit with the man who designed the concept and was responsible for its release, Fabien Demeulaner. Here’s how the conversation went down as he described the development, issues and excitement he faced during the games journey from concept to completion. […]